Engage Youth Ministry

Led by Youth Pastor Curtis Winkle, Engage Youth Ministry (6th–12th grade) has three primary goals:

  1. to help students develop a faith of their own.

  2. to help students to apply their faith in all areas of life, including family, school, and extracurriculars.

  3. to launch students into adulthood with a vibrant, growing relationship with God and a robust, healthy understanding of the scriptures, the church, and the culture.

We reach these goals by consistently pointing students to the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ and discipling them to live in light of this good news.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesday Night | Engage @ 6pm (Room 309) At Engage, we gather in large group to sing songs led by our worship band and hear a message from the Bible. Our primary areas of study include the Old and New Testaments, Christian life, theology, ministry, and apologetics.

Sunday Morning | Youth Life @ 9:15am (Room 309) At Youth Life, we gather in large group to fellowship and hear important announcements, then we break up into classes for Bible study.

Classes & Leaders Youth Life 1 (6 grade) - Introduction to the Gospel, the Church, and Spiritual Habits, taught by Jason & Catherine Colvin Youth Life 2 (7-8 grades) - Studies in Christian Identity taught by Bo & Christina Maynes Youth Life 3 (9-10 grades) - Studies in the New Testament taught by Doug & Lori Gray Youth Life 4 (11-12 grades) - Studies in the Christian Mind, Art, and Apologetics, taught by Adam & Sherise Oxsen

Sunday Night | Youth TEC @ 5pm (Room 309) At Youth TEC, we meet in large group for a video series and discussion on various areas of Christian life.

Falls Creek | Fourth Week of July In the summer we travel to Falls Creek Youth Camp in Davis, Oklahoma, for a full week of Bible study, worship, prayer, games, and fellowship.

*Various other activities are offered throughout the year include evangelism, sports, concerts, outreach, mission trips and service projects. To sign up for our TBC Youth Parent Newsletter, which includes ministry updates, discussion questions, videos, and other resources, email curtiswinkle@trinitynorman.org.