Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We are excited that you are interested in sharing your special day with us at Trinity. We are here to serve you.

Please take a moment to read the information below. If you have any further questions or would like to check the availability of a specific date, please contact us.

We are ready to help you plan your wedding and prepare you for marriage.

Our goal is to share the love of Christ with you and your family and rejoice with you in starting this new stage of life—marriage. We want to prepare you logistically for your wedding; but more importantly, we want to encourage you spiritually for the sacred commitment of marriage.

We believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman for life (Genesis 2:21-24; Matthew 19:4-5). We also believe that, according to the New Testament, marriage is the uniting of a Christian man and a Christian woman (Ephesians 5:22-33). Therefore, the ministers of Trinity Baptist Church only perform weddings in accordance with such biblical teaching. Trinity Baptist Church facilities are available only for such weddings, ceremonies, recognitions, unions and celebrations. Weddings performed by a minister not associated with Trinity Baptist Church must be approved by a pastor of Trinity.

We reserve the right to refuse the use of Trinity’s staff or facilities by anyone for any event we believe to be incongruent with Scripture, Trinity’s teaching, statement of faith, Baptist Faith and Message, Bylaws, or any other policy or guideline. —Approved by the elders 10-22-13

Wedding FAQ

How far in advance can I reserve my wedding date?
Members can book their wedding date up to 9 months in advance.
Non-members can book 6 months in advance.

How much does it cost to get married at Trinity Baptist Church?
General cost for wedding bookings click here.

*Bride or Groom must have been a member at Trinity for at least one year prior to booking wedding to receive member rate.

A 50% deposit is due upon the approval of your wedding and wedding date. The remaining 50% is due one month prior to your wedding. All checks made payable to Trinity Baptist Church.

What is included in the ceremony rate?
• One-hour rehearsal the night before Wedding Day
• Sanctuary for your ceremony and/or gym for your reception
• Bride’s room
• Groom’s room
• Lighting/sound technician on Wedding Day
• Sound system/microphones on Wedding Day
• Church Wedding Facilitator
• Custodial service

Note: A piano and organ are available for use. If you would like to use the organ, you must contact the church organist to arrange for her services or to receive organ policies for a guest organist.

What are the steps for booking my wedding at Trinity Baptist Church?
1. Check available dates by contacting the Church Wedding Facilitator.
2. Schedule a meeting with the Minister from Trinity or with the Church Wedding Facilitator if another minister of like faith will be conducting your wedding ceremony.
3. Complete the Wedding Application & return to the church.

Do you allow an outside Minister to perform the ceremony?
Yes, it is permissible for a guest minister from another Southern Baptist Church or church of like faith to officiate at a Trinity Baptist Church wedding. We just ask that they submit a statement of belief which will be read and approved by the Trinity Baptist Church pastoral staff prior to the wedding date. Please check with the County Courthouse for marriage officiating requirements for the State of Oklahoma.

Why do you require each couple to meet with a church minister or our Church Wedding Facilitator prior to paying a deposit?
At Trinity, we recognize that the Bible is the very word of the living God to us, His people. We understand the priority of knowing and obeying biblical truths. For this reason, we are deeply committed to studying and teaching Scripture with diligence and authority. It is our prayer that marriages would be entered into with a commitment for life; and would become enriched and fulfilled as husbands and wives embrace Christ and the commands of His Word.

Our Church Minister or our Church Wedding Facilitator may discuss the following with you:
your relationship with Christ, the biblical teaching of marriage as a covenant, and the importance of following a biblical standard in your marriage.

Are there other requirements for getting married at Trinity Baptist Church?
As a couple, we require you to have at least three additional pre-marital sessions with one of our ministers or a minister of your choice prior to your wedding date.

When do weddings take place at Trinity Baptist Church?
We do not schedule weddings on Sundays, holidays, or adjacent to Christmas or Easter musical programs.

Are you required to use certain wedding vendors?
No, we just require caterers, photographers, videographers, and florists to sign a vendor agreement prior to the wedding date. The vendor policies and vendor agreement forms will be provided to you by our Church Wedding Facilitator.

Do you have music policies for wedding ceremonies?
Yes, your music selections should honor God; and create a worshipful atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. The lyrics of the music should glorify the Lord and reflect the sacredness of marriage.

Other Information

Our passion is for God’s name to be exalted and glorified. For this reason, we take all necessary steps to maintain a worshipful spirit and atmosphere for all wedding ceremonies.

All parties involved in the wedding, including vendors and guests are prohibited from the use of cigarettes, alcohol, foul language or discourteous actions while on church property. Violation of this regulation will result in the immediate removal of the offending party or parties from church property at the time of the offense. Modest clothing is also required for the rehearsal and wedding day. Please give these guidelines to your entire wedding party.

Download our Wedding Application.