trinity chinese fellowship

Trinity Chinese Fellowship, or TCF for short, is a group of Chinese and American friends who love God and one another. Pastor Jim White & Pastor Bill Kennedy work with our Chinese ministry. There are plenty of opportunities for you to be involed with Trinity throughout the week. We invite you to join us. You will be a blessing to us and you'll be glad you came, too.

For more information about TCF and the programs offered, please visit the TCF website. If you would like to be a tutor to one of our chinese students, email us.

History of TCF
In 1987 three Chinese were invited to Jim and Jeri White’s home for dinner. When the White’s asked them what they expected to gain from their time in America. Their reply was that they wanted three things:
1. some American friendships
2. improvement in our ability to hear and speak English
3. a deeper understanding of the American culture

In response, the White's offered these three promises:
1. we can definitely help you meet some Americans and give you opportunities to develop sincere,
mutual friendships
2. we will provide some personal tutoring for you and your mates in the English language
3. if you really want to know the foundation of the American culture, you can’t understand it without a basic knowledge of the Bible (As your culture was rooted to a great degree in the teachings of Confucius... the American culture was deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Therefore, if you want to know the Bible, we will be eager to teach you.)

Chen, Zhang and Liu were delighted to accept Jim and Jeri’s offer...and thus began our Sunday morning lectures and tutoring at Trinity—TCF was born. Trinity Chinese Fellowship offers a warm welcome to any and every Chinese who is looking for a friendly “home” away from your home in China.