campus groups

ADULT CAMPUS GROUPS (Sunday morning classes)

Family Discipleship—Fellowship Hall 2
Goals: Our focus is to encourage families to keep Christ as King in their home and live out the principles of Deuteronomy 6. We teach the Word with the intent of strengthening our own walks; at the same time, we discuss how to communicate it to our children. Sundays include 20-30 minutes of prayer time and 30 minutes of teaching/discussion. The teaching style varies by teacher—the teaching role is shared among several men.
We strive for a mix of discussion and lecture.

Roots—Fellowship Hall 4
Goals: To study, discuss, and digest God’s Word each week so that it becomes ingrained in our lives and produces fruit. Sunday mornings include fellowship, ministry discussion, prayer, scripture reading and discussion. During the week we have men’s breakfasts, monthly home fellowships and organic one-on-one dinners and meetings.

Curriculum: New Testament

Connections—Fellowship Hall 6
Demographic: A varied group of people who are single or married, with and without children. Sunday mornings we spend 20-30 minutes sharing prayer requests and praying and then move into teaching/discussion time. We encourage questions, participation, and sharing of personal insights as we seek to discover what God is saying to us through His Word.

Curriculum: We are looking at what goes on inside people if Jesus is alive in them. God is very specific in Scripture listing what will characterize our lives if Jesus or Satan is our master. Look at passages that list these characteristics with our prayer being that of Psalm 139:23-24.

Artios: Equipped—Fellowship Hall 3
Artios: Equipped is a new campus group that will focus on helping believers become equipped through the Scriptures to be used by God in the lives of people inside and outside the church. With an emphasis on interactive
expositional Bible study, prayer, evangelism, and ministry this small group will challenge its members to practically and purposefully live out the truth of God's Word. This group is for anyone who wants to learn God's Word with other believers and encourage one another as they intentionally engage their world. All ages welcome.

Curriculum: I Thessalonians

Foundations for Marriage—Fellowship Hall 7
This class is for married couples of all ages. The class helps to focus on the foundations necessary to build a godly marriage.

Women Only—room 116
This class is for women of all ages, married, single, widowed or divorced. We meet for coffee and fellowship for a bit first and then at 9:30 we begin taking prayer requests, then we pray; immediately following we begin to discuss our bible study. We are a support group for one another to help encourage and be accountable to one another. Once a month we get together for fellowship and just to have fun.

Young Adults—Meet above the gym.
A new class designed for college graduates and young career and adults, married or unmarried.

Curriculum: Currently studying through the book of Hebrews.

College—Room 309
For high school graduates and college age students. Currently offering one class during the summer: Ephesians.. 

Adult 301, ages 35-45—Fellowship Hall 5
We have a variety of ages in our class. Some have children or grandchildren, some have no children. Our purpose is to come together each week and share what ís going on in our lives. We start with prayer requests, praise reports, church and family updates, and ways we have shared Christ with others.
We strive to make teaching time informational and transformational as it applies to our daily walk.
A variety of teaching including topics such as heaven, scripture book studies, and other topics. Fellowship times and activities vary—some include the whole family and others are for adults only.

Bereans, Adult, ages 45-55—room 115
Based on Acts 17:11 “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.”

Open to anyone who wishes to think deeply about the meaning of Scriptures and its application in our lives. Sunday morning we spend some time in fellowship followed by a time of sharing prayer requests and praying for one another. The remainder of the class is spent in the study of Scripture. Rick Harvey leads the class with questions and encourages contribution from the class.

Curriculum: A thorough study of the book of Romans, with a study sheet provided each Sunday.

Adult 501, ages 55-70—room 112
Our class has a short time of sharing, a prayer time for requests mentioned and our lesson is from the Lifeway quarterly. We also sing a couple of hymns from the Baptist Hymnal.

Senior Saints, ages 70 & up—room 111
We currently have all women in our class. We use Lifeway materials. We usually have 8-9 attend each Sunday.
As a class we meet for lunch the second Wednesday of each month for a time of fellowship. Our class is also very good at calling absent class members and those in nursing homes.

Growing in Your Devotion to Christ—room 226
A one year class that helps believers grow as they focus on important spiritual habits such as prayer, bible study, scripture memory, and evangelism.

Generations—Fellowship Hall 1
Generations is a Bible-study class for all ages of adults, with the current group being couples with kids from late high school down to bed babies. The class studies a curriculum that mostly draws from material available from Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC—which includes theology, history, apologetics, etc.

Trinity Chinese Fellowship—Choir room
Trinity Chinese Fellowship offers a warm welcome to any and every Chinese who is looking for a friendly “home” away from your home in China. Learn more about TCF.