ADULT CAMPUS GROUPS (Sunday morning classes)

Roots (Psalm 1:1-3) - Fellowship Hall 4

Roots is a warm, encouraging group of men and women on a mission to grow in their desire for the Lord. On Sunday mornings this fall the group will be discussing the previous week's sermon, praying for one another, and taking on a few topical subjects, including technology, the church, and mission. There are also opportunities to build relationships like Sunday night hangouts, ladies nights, and men’s book clubs.                                                                                                     

Connections - Fellowship Hall 6

A varied group - single & married, with & without children. We spend 20-30 minutes on prayer requests and praying, then move to teaching and discussion. We encourage questions, participation, and sharing as we seek to discover what God is saying through His Word. Recently, we have been studying the concept of brokenness and the necessity of being broken for the purpose of doing God’s will. Currently, we are studying about how to discern God’s will for our lives. God’s Word is critical to discovering His will. So far, we have discussed God’s Word being the source of blessing, purity and illumination for our lives. We will also discuss His Word being the source of renewal, what is valuable, freedom, comfort, hope, wisdom, insight and understanding. Feel free to join us as we continue to explore these areas in scripture.

Artios: Equipped - Fellowship Hall 3

Artios is a campus group that will focus on helping believers become equipped through the Scriptures to be used by God in the lives of people inside and outside the church. This year we will focus on answering these key questions:

· Am I spiritually healthy? (Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual health
· Can I explain why and what I believe? (Forensic Faith)
· Am I maturing in Christ? (Colossians book study)
· Am I sharing the gospel? (Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations)
· Do I understand the big story of the Bible?

Foundations for Marriage - Fellowship Hall 4

Every marriage needs to be growing stronger! With books, videos, group discussion, and fun, we will cover God's design for a faithful, growing, and joyful marriage for life.

Women Only - Room 116

A class for women of any age and marital status who wantto respond to God’s call for a deeper understanding of His Word and its relevance to daily life.   Bible study, prayer, and nurturing relationships with other women make a dynamic combination. Members develop endearing friendships that meet the need for a place to belong, grow, serve, and live the abundant life in Christ.  We also get together for a time of fellowship and fun on a regular basis.

We began a new book study on August 4th by Cynthia Heald entitled “Becoming A Woman of Prayer.” The book contains 11 chapters and we will cover one chapter a week. Our class time begins at 9:15am with coffee and fellowship. At 9:30amwe take time to share prayer requests and pray over them. Prayer is a vital part of our class mission. Three of our class members lead a weekly Bible Study for some of the ladies who are residents of Jordan’s Crossing, a drug and alcohol rehab residential center in south OKC.

Young Adults - Room 214 (2nd floor off of gym)

This class is made up of young adults in various stages of life. Feel free to join us whether you are married or single, a graduate student, young professional, young parent or any other stage God has you in. We begin class with a time of lifting each other up in prayer. We are currently studying through the early days of the church in the book of Acts, and we will soon begin a study in the book of Jonah. We have lunch together twice a month, and other fellowships as well. We would love to have you join us.

College - Room 309
For high school graduates and college age students. We have 5 classes you can choose from: Theology 101 Ethics, Gospel of John, Don't Waste Your Life, Evangelism. 

Adult 301 - Fellowship Hall 5

We welcome everyone to join us on Sunday mornings, including those whose schedules vary because they serve in other areas in the church.  Our purpose is to come together each week and share our lives with each other through discussion, Bible study, and prayer.  We start with prayer requests, praise reports, church and family updates, and ways we have shared Christ with others. Teaching time is informational and transformational, as we strive to apply God’s word to our daily walk. Specifically, we have just concluded an in-depth expository study of the New Testament parables and Romans 13.  Other topical studies have been conducted on the first Sunday of each month.  Fellowship times and activities vary—some include the whole family and others are for adults only. All ages are welcome.

Adult 401 - The Bereans - Room 115

This is a discussion group format led by a team of men from the group.  The discussion format gives us an opportunity to articulate our faith as we study through books of the Bible as well as books that address the Christian life.

We are finishing up a study in Titus, and in just a few weeks, we will start a new study: Ephesians, from the MacArthur Bible Studies series.

“Now these Bereans were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica; for they received the word with all eagerness,  examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were true.” Acts 17:11

Adult 501 - Senior  Saints - Room 112

Psalm 90:12 is an inspiration to our class. “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Both sharing and praying are important features of our class time. We even find a couple of hymns to sing before we begin our study. Discussion, rather than lecture is our method of enrichment. Much of the material in the Lifeway quarterly is foundational to the Bible doctrine that we know and believe. So in our class discussion we work at discovering the relevance of these truths to contemporary issues as they challenge our daily lives with the purpose that we may with honesty and understanding engage with our Creator and our fellow earthlings. And we study to be ready to share this Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever the opportunity exists. On Friday afternoons we gather at a local restaurant for dinner together.

Growing in Your Devotion to Christ - Room 226

In this class we will apply spiritual practices that help us grow closer in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We will be using The 2:7 Series as our curriculum. Our key verse is Colossians 2:7 which says: "Just as you have received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness." We will focus on the spiritual practices of Quiet Time, Scripture Memory, Bible Study, and Prayer. If you are ready to challenge yourself to grow deeper in your love for God and His Word -- all in the context of fun and caring fellowship, come join us!

Persuasive Faith - Fellowship Hall 7

Your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, your children, your grandchildren, your parents, perhaps, at times, even you, want to know—is it truly reasonable to believe the Christian faith? Historic Christian beliefs are under attack in every area, and under attack in some new and challenging ways. But these are exciting times for the equipped Christian. In recent years remarkable developments have dramatically strengthened the evidences and arguments for the truth of Christianity.

BUT—are you ready to give answers to those who want to know why you believe?

In a one-year study, Persuasive Faith will help you to reason carefully, and equip you to answer challenges in areas such as science, history, atheism, Islam, philosophy, trustworthiness of the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth, miracles, the Resurrection, and more.

This class is mostly a teaching format, with opportunities for questions and discussion. You will be urged to participate and take notes. Limited outside reading at a level you find personally suitable will be encouraged. We would love to have you grab your notebook and pen and join us.

Iron Sharpens Iron (Men's Class) - Room 114

Few things are more needed in both the church and the culture than men fulfilling the calling to be the leaders, husbands, fathers, and churchmen God has called them to be. Using the 33 series curriculum by the creators of Men’s Fraternity this class will focus on the components of biblical manhood: a man and his design, a man and his story, a man and his traps, a man and his work, a man and his marriage, and a man and his family.

Trinity Chinese Fellowship — Choir room
Trinity Chinese Fellowship offers a warm welcome to any and every Chinese who is looking for a friendly “home” away from your home in China. Learn more about TCF.