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The Academy is an equipping and training ministry which incorporates reading, discussion, and presentations of important subjects of our faith such as:
- Biblical Studies
- The Christian Mind
- Theology
- Apologetics and Worldview
- Science and Philosophy
- Church History
- Cultural Engagement
- Baptist Heritage

The Academy will meet once a month for an intensive focusing on one of the topics listed above to present and discuss the assigned reading for that month.

This is a great training ministry for those in leadership, teaching/leading groups, discipling, those considering seminary, homeschooling, etc…

If you are interested or would like more information, please talk to Ryan Polk or sign up in the information center.



The Roundtable is a three-year training environment which is divided into three one-year commitments. It provides men with advanced training in understanding and communication of theology, ethics, worldviews, and apologetics. The Round Table is for men of all ages who desire to engage the culture with the claims of Christ. Participants learn how to succinctly present and defend the truth of Christianity by actually presenting and defending an assigned topic to the Roundtable. 

Participants will:

  1. Profoundly deepen their knowledge and love for God

  2. Experience thinking through and presenting the great theological truths of the Christian faith

  3. Become proficient in compassionately engaging both friend and foe with the truth of Christianity

  4. Experience deep fellowship with other men that is based upon the eternal call and truths of Christ

  5. Learn the techniques of managing a conversation in order to have an optimal chance at presenting the truths of Christianity as it applies to every area of life

The Roundtable year generally follows the school year. Each Roundtable group meets for one hour per week in the Pastor’s study, and then once a month both groups meet for an evening at the Pastor’s home for a meal, fellowship, and two presentations. 

Sign up for The Roundtable will be announced in August each year.


“I feel like I became a man in the Roundtable,” Stuart; “Meeting with other men with a heart for God who will stop at nothing to expose your weaknesses and tear down your pride is a blessing,” Corey; “Roundtable has humbled me, revealing how much I have to learn while at the same time challenging and equipping me,” Rob;  “I feel a strong connection to the brothers who endured the Round Table challenge with me,” Kyle; “These sessions also built and strengthened relationships with men, and these relationships will last for eternity,” Larry; “Round Table Meetings sealed in my heart and life that the study of God’s word with other men is a…heartfelt joy…[that]never leaves your mind for years to come,” Jeremy.